I am Demona. Look how small and cute I am.
I will claw. I will bite. I will hiss.
That lady is lucky she got this picture.
I had a tough life before I came here.
Mona is beautiful. Dower House gives Mona a home where she can live healthy and safely for the rest of her life. You don't want to adopt her (unless you do!).
Our mission is to reduce the number of cats that are euthanized at shelters due to overcrowding. Our goal is to take cats that would be on Euthanasia lists, and give them a place to learn socialization skills with children, adults, and other animals so that they may be adopted out to their forever home. However in the case of a cat that is not re-home-able, they will have a real home here with us for the duration of their lives. We do not use a cage system, we use an open home environment to foster a sense of calm, caring and community.